Ramit Batra | Photography Ramit Batra is a Mechanical Engineer and a former GM of an Educational Institution, and has ventured into Wedding Photojournalism and Lifestyle Photography since 2009. Committed to making your wedding pictures into fairy-tale stories. For More Information about Wedding Photography or Photojournalistic coverage, Please click the contact button at the top, and fill-in necessary details. Picture Curry - A Mixed Picture Dish - I had no clue that a simple voting competition would open a whole new world of revelations. The voting started with a few friends pitching in. Sending their best wishes along. It was Fun! I immediately climbed up on the leaderboard, with a little more than 40 votes in 2 days. Another day of casual requests to vote and ‘fun’ voting, while the volumes of the leaders crossed 3 figures. My efforts to seek votes, which were as of now only asking the people we would see online, changed to sending email requests and Direct Messages on Twitter to close friends. I am sure Smoke Art pictures have fascinated you. And you always had this question in mind – How can smoke look so beautiful? And if you are one of those, who have gone a step further to actually click pictures of smoke – You must have been wondering – How do you get Red & Green Colored Smoke? Or those Lovely Pinks! Well, let me try and simplify some of the mysteries of thy Artsy Smoke. Half Step Down, Fa'thu & the Early Birds, Paranoid Earthlings, Faridkot and Pentagram - Performing on Day 2 of The South Asian Bands Festival : a three-day musical extravaganza featuring fourteen popular rock bands from across seven nations at Purana Qila, New Delhi from 20-22 Feb 2009. The South Asian Band Festival is presented by the Indian Council on Foreign Relations, in collaboration with India’s Ministry of External Affairs and Seher. The festival began as the SAARC Band Festival in 2007. Seher & the YP Foundation brought to Delhi, a Great mix of talent from across the continent, to spread the message of Peace & Harmony with their Musical Unity. linkedin Gmail Wordpress twitter facebook